Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pottery Demonstration well received

Many of the members of the Triangle Potters Guild last night got a kick out of my "gizmos" that I use to create some of my pottery. I demonstrated to a room full of potters for the first time ever at the NCSU Craft Center - interestingly, the first place I took a pottery course back in the 1980s when I attended State.

They chuckled when I pumped air into my little inner tube to supply the pressure needed to hold together the clay slab, the plaster form and the particle board sandwiched together in my "large platter fipper-over" (made out of an engine stand) and thought it humorously ingenious when I explained how I set up operation to make 200 stamped mugs using a stamp I made mounted on a paint roller and attached to a threaded rod secured to my wheel next to a lit halogen light bulb underneath to keep the stamp from getting too wet.

I enjoyed sharing my ideas and techniques and look forward to doing it again. Thanks for having me.

Stamping trees into
a large platter

Working with the stamp
on a jar

And a small cup

Guild members

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