Monday, September 27, 2010

Hot pictures of Last Night's firing

Levi and I finished up firing around 2 a.m. We decided to quick-cool the kiln. When the pyrometer (placed toward the back of the kiln) read 1900-and-something, I decided that was enough. I didn't want to cool the front of the kiln too much, as that's where we allowed air to flow into the kiln from the firebox door. During a quick cool pots rapidly begin to lose heat and their characteristic glow. I don't have experience with quick cooling, so I didn't want to take a chance of cracking pots. I think Levi thought I was a wimp.

Cones 12 and 13 melted simultaneously in the front of the kiln as usual and they both were nearly flat as decided to stop stoking. We had a cone 9 down toward the back.

We plan to unload Wednesday.

Levi peaks into the kiln early on

After quick-cooling down to 1900 or so,
pots begin to lose their glow and show
a bit of sheen.

We pulled this soul pot out at cone 9
(around 2,300 degrees F), made from
StarWorks' cone 6 white clay.

This is the soul pot after it cooled.

This lidded jar has a huge crack.
It was right next to the firebox
and may have been hit by a piece of wood.

After cleaning up the photo of Levi's bowl
in Photoshop, I can't see the crack that
we thought we saw developing early
in the firing.

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