Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Preparing for Turkey Roast and Kiln Opening

Emptying the firebox of ashes from last firing

Levi throws some last-minute bottles for the wood kiln

It's time once again for our annual turkey roast and kiln opening - October 2, 9-5. This year's kiln opening will feature food by a chef from Cary who is trading his time for some wedding gifts. Will we smoke or fry the turkey this time?

Levi and I hope to fire the wood kiln twice before next weekend. We've got some nice pots and we will be making more. We spent the past couple of weeks throwing vases, plates, mugs, soul pots and bowls among other items. I've been slack in communicating on the blog lately. A little slack in firing kilns as well. I think I'm still reeling from that foot-soaking bowl experience. I was going to write about our trip to Florida after Levi successfully delivered the last of the foot-soaking bowls, but I just didn't get around to it.

So we spent the day today preparing the wood kiln for firing, and Levi threw a couple of ware boards full of some lovely bottles. I think we need a good firing in the wood kiln to jazz us up a bit.

Here's a few pictures from the Florida trip:

Friday, we delivered
a wedding plate to my
friend Randall, Surfside, NC

Sunday, lunch with my
daughter Chelsea in
Mount Dora, FL.

Tuesday, a lick from my
mother's new dog, Evie -
Pensacola, FL

Thursday, old friend Brad
and wife Joy leave on
their 1960s plane

Back to Panama City, FL
on Friday

To pick up some fresh shrimp

And watch my little sister
be promoted to Lieutenant Colonel
in the U.S. Air Force

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