Monday, October 5, 2009

Opening a success

The R.D. Mahan Kiln Opening and Turkey Roast Saturday was a blur of excitement, reminiscing and catching up with old friends. Chad Roberts wrote a great post about the day at Now, it's back to kiln building as soon as the rain stops. I'm building the chimney through the roof now.

Bottom row: left to right, Fish Campers Al Cook and Chad Roberts. Top: stepmother Helen Mahan, Michael Mahan, Fish Camper Andy Bean, brother Randy Mahan.

In tribute to my father's love of the water, Al Cook and I launched my canoe into my pond and placed a fishing rod inside.

When my stepmother walked into our showroom after several years of having not visited, she was smiling big, loving the way the place looked.

"Ron (my father, who died of cancer in '92) would be proud," she said.
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