Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tool Shed Coming Together

I finished up the floor joists on my new tool shed today, and met Mary at Taste of Asia in Asheboro for some great curry after a trip to Lowes for six sheets of 3/4" plywood. She was coming home from her one-day-a-week project manager job in Greensboro.

Here's a few pictures of the work I did on the tool shed yesterday and today:

Using a foot adz, I chopped off chunks of wood from the four 6x6s I cemented into the ground. I made cuts with a circular saw the thickness of a 2x10. Notice my wide stance, just in case I glance off the wood. Can't be too careful with a foot adz.

Nor a broad axe. I stay clear of the blade as I finish the job.

Here I'm adding joist hangers on every joint after nailing the joists in place.
I never knew they made joist hanger nails, but I bought some at Lowes
and they worked great. Popped right in the designated holes in the hangers.

This handsome rabbit stood still long enough at the edge of our driveway
for me to get a picture on my way back from dinner and plywood gathering.

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