Saturday, June 27, 2009

Project Happiness

I'm a happy guy today. I've finally started working on a new project.

I'm miserable up until I "break ground," trying to decide how to proceed, but once I get going, I'm happy.

I'm starting with a tool shed. I need a central location for all my tools. I spent Friday marking off an area for the shed and also for a kiln/wood shed for a wood-fired kiln I plan to build. Then I dug four two-foot holes for posts for the shed. Mary came out and asked me, "Should you be out here doing that in this heat?"

'Don't bother me, I'm happy,' I thought to myself.

Today, I took two trips to Lowe's, one for 14 treated 2x10s, two treated 6x6s and a bunch of joist hangers and nails; and the other for nearly 1,300 pounds of concrete - sixteen 80-pound bags.

Here I am at the end of today, exhausted, sweaty and happy,
two posts cemented into the ground.

I love my Makita

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