Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Not Making another Sink

I've been working on a new shape for a couple of sinks for a client. It's a wide bowl with a small foot underneath. I decided to use some plaster forms with which I create my tree platters. I flip a slab of clay into the large form and add a coil of clay to build the walls. On this particular piece, I marked a line inside the base and meant to place the coil on the inside of the mark. However, I placed it outside the mark, so the piece ended up being to big. So, I made something else with it. What do you think? Mary says it would make a wonderful baptismal font.

The clay used is a cone 6 porcelain from Highwater Clays, P5 I think they call it.

Here's a series of photographs showing how I made this:

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