Monday, June 25, 2012

Figuring out how to Fire Pots in Ireland

I got my hat in Tipperary today

I've got my Irish hat on these days - spending a month here to set up a workspace so I can make a few pots here in Ireland. I've got a 23 by 10-foot metal shed up and we're working on the concrete floor, insulation and electricity. It looks like an electric kiln may not be feasible, as I'd have to run a new service into the building, and that would cost more than $2,000, plus we'd have to pay a monthly service charge, even when we weren't here. So, I'm thinking about finding an old front-loading electric kiln and converting it to gas, or possibly even building a small kiln that could be fired with gas or wood. I was hoping I could get up and running using an electric kiln and be ready to make pots on our next trip in a year's time. So, while the kiln is on hold, I'll be searching Done Deals (an Irish classifieds publication) for a wheel and a slab roller, and getting the shed finished. I'll keep you posted. Wish me luck.

Here's the inside of the shed, ready for final layer of concrete
Putting the final wheelbarrow load of stone into the shed
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