"Quick' Canopy for Cutting Wood

Cutting wood in my Quikshade canopy

Yikes, it was a scorcher today. I got hold of some great pallet wood today and spent most of the afternoon cutting lengths of some kind of very hard wood into two pieces. I've used this wood before for firing my wood kiln. My source says it's from Israel I think. I can't remember. I'd love to know what kind of wood it is. Some of the pieces are very dense and heavy. Picture at right shows a stamp, PK-001 HB and some kind of symbol possibly.

Anyway, I don't have a sheltered area to cut wood, so I set up my Quikshade canopy and made myself a work station. I set up a fan to keep the sweat to a minimum, but it also served to keep the sawdust from blowing into my face. The chop saw I use is very old has no bag to catch the sawdust. I tried buying a bag, but it didn't work. The sawdust just clogged up.

Levi is currently making soul pots for both electric firing and wood firing. We have some of his larger pieces that we want to fire in the next wood kiln load, but we need some smaller pieces to load around them.

We'll be firing sometime this month. Keep in touch.


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