Friday, January 21, 2011

New Pitchers and a 'Kettle-inspired' Handle

I've been working on some six-pound pitchers this week, and a new type of handle (shown in the picture below) inspired by my wife Mary's tea kettle handle.

I added a small pad of clay on the inside of the handle,
which makes for a firmer grip when picking up the pot.
I also added a little lug on top of the handle, which Mary's
tea kettle did not have, but when I grasp the handle the lug
really helps.

I'm not sure about how the new handle looks.

This is a new shape I'm working on. I don't feel I'm
that good at this type of handle, but I felt the pitcher
would function best if its handle was near the pots
midsection and close to the side of the pot.

This handle is a little further down
and a little further away from the pot,
I like the other one better.

I think the shape of this pitcher's top portion
calls for a handle pulled off the pot.

I finished pugging my scrap clay today as well as working on the pitchers. Mary and I are going to Ireland for three weeks beginning February 6. Levi will be watching the place for us and making some great pots. When we get back Levi and I will be working on foot-soaking bowls again for another order. Only 45 this time, instead of 200.

We've got a show in Hickory the last weekend of March and then the Celebration of Spring in Seagrove in April. Geez, it's getting busy around here.

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