Wednesday, January 5, 2011

'Lugging' Jars

Work station for adding lugs onto 5-pound jars

I spent most of yesterday afternoon adding lugs onto 16 five-pound jars. I enjoyed changing the shape of the lug in subtle ways, and I wondered how I would use these lugs if I was actually using the pot to store food in. Would I grasp the lugs from above with my fingertips, or would I cradle the jar with my hands below the lugs?

I still pull my handles by hand. The picture at right shows three straps that I pulled and placed on a ware board to be used for lugs. I like using handles that I pull myself as opposed to using an extruder. I get a sense of satisfaction - "job well done, Michael" - when I look at all the pieces together after finishing the work and see the uniqueness of a pulled handle (or lug).

So here's a few pictures showing how I create lugs on these jars:

Finished jars

And if you still haven't seen enough about lugs and jars, here's a video: (I set camera to exposure lock when sun was behind clouds and it caused the video to be a little bright)

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