Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Second Shipment Sent, 85 to go

We shipped the second lot of boxes to New York yesterday. A strapping young lad from Collins Brothers, a moving company in New York, backed his huge tractor trailer down my narrow drive, but couldn't negotiate the tight turn into my shop. So, we transferred 81 boxes of foot-soaking bowls via my F-150. He was making a return trip from Atlanta to New York and was able to place the boxes in the middle of the trailer one- and two-high.

Kirk, the driver, and I swapped fishing stories as we loaded and unloaded all thoseboxes, wiping sweat from our brows as it was the middle of the afternoon. I told Kirk I'd give him one of my small tree hangings if he took extra care of the cargo. He also bought a mug.

So, I've got another 85 bowls to make this month, and then I can finally get back to making some pots for the wood kiln.

Production Continues

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