Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Last of the Foot Bowls?

Because of another couple of blowups in the kiln, I now have only one extra foot-soaking bowl in line to dry and glaze and fire to fill out the order for 198 bowls. I cleaned up the rim on the last one today. The picture above shows me rounding over the rim with half a CD, using the hole in the middle to scrape the flattened rim round. The bowl (along with 10 others) was joined yesterday.

I skipped a day of firing to allow finished pieces to dry another day because I don't want to blow any more up. My son Levi is going to deliver them to New York in a rental truck, sometime early next week, Monday if I can fire two kilns a day until then.

Gotta go glaze a few more bowls so they'll be dry enough to fire tomorrow.
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