Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Very Strange Bug falls from the Ceiling, and other stuff.

This one's for Samantha of Bulldog Pottery
who's always going on about bugs. What
the heck fell out of the ceiling in our workshop?

It's about the size of a honey bee.

A few jugs. The two in the front are by me.
The ones in the back are Levi's. I like his on
the left. It's tall and dignified.
The jug in the
foreground has a dent where I pressed too hard.

The jug on the left reminds me of an old Clorox
bleach bottle. Levi's bringing a few of these
to Asheville to fire in the fast-fire wood kiln
with his sister, Chelsea.

My latest version of a foot-soaking
bowl. Platter at the bottom of picture
is actually the bottom of the bowl, which
is on the wheel head in top of picture.

I placed a bat on top of the bowl section,
and that's where the bug was when I took a
picture. I forgot about the bowl and pressed
too hard, causing the bowl to slump.

And finally, a video of a finished foot bowl:

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