Saturday, April 10, 2010

Firing Number Four Complete, hoping....

Cones 9, 10, 11 and 12 stood poised and ready
to bend throughout the entire firing, near
the back of the kiln. We're hoping it was a cold spot.
That's the corner of a square platter directly behind
the cones with the flame bending over it.

Levi's skull got plenty of heat. We placed it
in the front of the kiln right before we bricked
it up. This was shot early in the firing.

We only shoveled coals once during the firing,
only stalled once early on, but it looks like we
got an uneven firing, more so than the first
three firings.

I'll unload Monday and post pictures late in the week if I get a chance. We're planning to load another kiln the day after unloading and firing the next day. I think I'll put more cones in next time, maybe some lower ones to let me know what's going on earlier with the heat, front and back. Maybe I should get another thermocouple, too.

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