Sunday, November 1, 2009

Two videos: goblettes and 'minding spots'

Video clip below

I hadn't posted anything on Youtube in a while, so I filmed myself throwing a few what I call "goblettes" yesterday and posted them on Youtube. Checking out the clip later, I clicked on one of those links to other videos they put at the end of your clips and discovered this young lady in Australia who does a great little commentary on a regular basis. She's got the top spot on Youtube for subscribers, 445,908, and more than 22 million people have viewed her clips since she started "vlogging" (video blogging). There's not a way to embed her videos (I did manage to get her snapshot at the right), so here's a link to one of her "vlogs" about friends that ask you to "mind my spot."

And here's my video on throwing "goblettes."

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