Sunday, March 22, 2009

Unloading Kiln, Advertisers

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We unloaded a glaze kiln yesterday. Everything was great except a large platter that I spent about 8 hours drawing trees on through porcelain slip. The glaze crawled right in the middle of the platter. I'll refire it and hope to fix it.

On a separate note, I got another call from someone (probably living in India) representing or something like that. I've gotten a call before from them. I explained this to the guy on the phone. I said I didn't want to buy anything. He assured me he didn't want to sell me anything. (It was the next guy who wanted to talk to me who wanted to sell me something.)

So, I listened to him and when it came time to pass me along to someone else, I sighed heavily, and told this new guy I didn't want to buy anything. At one point in the conversation, I told him to hang on a minute. I set the phone in front of my cd player and let him hear some Irish tunes.

I came back on, and after a while, set the phone down again, picked it up and said "Absolutely."
Put it down again in front of the radio after saying I'd have to put him on hold.
Several minutes later, I picked the reciever up.
He was still there.
I told him he was persistent.

Finally, he admitted he was selling advertising.

He asked me if I was interested in buying some.

I said no.

We hung up.

Here's a slideshow. I'm just wondering if one works better than the other.

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