Monday, March 9, 2009

Staining with Red Iron and Bare Feet

Today was a beautiful day, and I took advantage of it by setting up a little station outside the back of my workshop, in a bit of shade. I've got to be careful of the head on days like this. Don't want to burn the noggin.

I kicked off my shoes and began painting red iron oxide on the outside of several bowls that were impressed with trees. My glaze room has no windows in it, so I enjoyed the light of day.

I stained six bowls, wiping each one off with a wet sponge to bring the detail of the trees to the surface of the clay.

The next step in the process of decorating these is brushing on a layer of wax to protect the tree design when glazing the piece.
This is quite tedious work, but I like the effect of a clean line, and I haven't figured out a better way.

I have to be sure to fill any crevices with wax or I'll get glaze where I don't want it, and if I try to wipe extra glaze off, it will affect the red iron wash.

Tomorrow, I'll be finishing up the waxing and move on to glazing these bowls, and a few vases with the tree design as well. As I understand it, tomorrow's going to be a bit cooler.

I may have to try to work in the sun instead of the shade if I get the opportunity. I hope I can kick off my shoes again.

But I better wear a hat.

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