Busier than usual in January

You might think a self-employed potter would take it easy in January. Around here it stays busy, this January especially so. In the making:
 - Several hundred awards for this year's Uwharrie Mountain Run
- Twenty bath salt jars for a hotel
- Two samples of a new design for foot-soaking bowls for a hotel
- Nine large mugs for the Randolph Road Runners' 5K race

The shelves in my workshop are getting full. I took my new camera and went around the shop taking pictures of everything in progress.

Bells that I made before the new year

Chelsea made quite a few of her birds while here

Cups by Levi for the Uwharrie Mountain Run

The two foot-soaking bowls and the bath salt jars

Some cups for testing a new stain

Susan did medallions this year for Uwharrie Mountain Run

Chelsea's mugs for 5K

A couple of soul pots that didn't make it into the last firing

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