Iron-rich Clay and Trees for Wood Kiln

I've been busy with trees lately - incising them into a variety of my indigenous iron-rich clay, through a fine layer of white clay. I'll be firing them in my wood-fired kiln next week. This iron-rich clay is dug locally, some of which is from my own property. I've got one batch of some of my own clay from a new source on my property and I'm excited to see what it looks like when fired. I'll be firing this load of pots to a lower temperature and doing a slow reduction cool at the end of the firing, something I haven't done with the iron-rich clays. So, I'm excited about that as well, although there's always a bit of anxiety included when doing something ew. These tree designs - especially the more intricate designs - take a lot of time to create. When you subject them to a kiln atmosphere which can produce heavy ash deposits, you've got to arrange them in the kiln such that the designs stay away from the heavy ash. Otherwise, you'll end up obliterating all that intricacy. Here's a few pots I'll be strategically placing in the kiln next week:
Large covered jar
Medium-sized soul pot
Another soul pot with triskele design
Some teapots
Dinner-sized plates
Some pitchers
Upside down vases
Incising with a dull needle tool

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