Friday, February 8, 2013

Free Wood for Rebeccas

Some of my pallet wood

I've been getting wood for my wood kiln from a local pallet refurbisher who gives me tons of boards - oak, poplar, pine and other hardwoods. He doesn't charge me anything, so I asked him if I could make him a pot in exchange. He said his wife collects Rebecca pitchers, so I said I'd make her a Rebecca pitcher.

Having never made a Rebecca pitcher, I searched for images online and found quite a few pictures of both old and new versions of this popular form of traditional pottery. There are quite a few Seagrove potters who still make this shape.

Here's a couple of pictures of old and new Rebecca pitchers, followed by four pitchers that I created recently which will be fired in the next wood firing we do here sometime in February.

C.C. Cole

Catawba Indian

Royal Crown Pottery

Seagrove Rebeccas

My Rebeccas

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