Thursday, March 22, 2012

Newest Work from the Manabigama

It's busy around here.

We've got to pack up for the 15th Annual Catawba Valley Pottery & Antiques Festival  held this weekend in Hickory. I have 40 more foot-soaking bowls to make for the Andez Hotel in New York City, and we want to fire another load of wood-fired pots before the upcoming Celebration of Spring in Seagrove in April.

Still, we managed to fire the Manabigama (our wood-fired kiln) last Sunday. Levi's out of the country, so it was Mary and I who stoked the kiln for about 13 hours this time. Here's a few pots that came out of that firing:

Ohio Clay Slip
Ohio Clay Slip

Steins, glazed and unglazed

South Carolina Clay Slip

Natural Ash

Two glazed with Ohio Clay Slip

Ohio Clay Slip with lots of Natural Ash
Bottle re-fired

Same Bottle

Levi's Work for upcoming show in Southern Pines

My Local Clay

Tall Vase by Levi with White Slip

Tree Jar with South Carolina Clay Slip

Levi's Umbrella Stand, Flashing Slip

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