Saturday, August 27, 2011

Big Pot Crack

Clouds moved in and gusts of wind picked
up as we finished firing the kiln Friday
at around 5 p.m., a 17-hour firing.

We took the kiln up slowly this firing. Levi started with gas around 10 p.m. Thursday, and stayed with the kiln until 5 a.m. when Mary took over. I took over about 8 a.m. Levi and I began to stoke a bit more heavily after lunch.

And then we noticed one of his big pots had a big crack right in the middle. Hopefully, it won't fall over and mess up other pots around it. I won't make any guesses as to the cause of the crack until we unload.

I stoked a lot of small sticks into the outside two bottom passives for a few hours at the end of the firing. We reached cone 10 at the back and stoked heavily and sealed it up slowly.

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