Friday, March 4, 2011

Back to Work and Rhubarb Pie

Levi and I work side by side on top sections of foot bowls

After three weeks of being away from clay, I started back to work with my son as we began work on filling an order for another 45 foot-soaking bowls for a boutique hotel in New York City - deadline, April 8.

Mary and I got back from our trip to Ireland Sunday. Basically, I took Monday off to recuperate and started working on the bowls Tuesday. Now, Levi and I are attending the North Carolina Potters Conference in Asheboro this weekend, so we'll get back to the bowls Monday.

I'm planning on firing the wood kiln once more before the Catawba Valley Pottery & Antiques Festival in Hickory March 25 and 26. Historically, Catawba Valley is known for its alkaline (ash) glazes, so I'm thinking I'll glaze quite a few pieces with a glaze I formulated using rock dust, ashes and local clay.

The picture at right is glazed in my ash glaze.


Ireland 2011

Rhubarb pie

Mary's mother always cooked a dessert for us. On our last night there, she cooked a rhubarb pie from rhubarb she had frozen after the last growing season. With a dollop of cream on top, and a cup of tea, it was delicious.


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