Sunday, February 13, 2011

Some Snapshots from Ireland

Having no internet for a few days, I reverted to pencil
and paper and drew this elm tree behind Mary's mother's house.

A rook finds the top of a telephone pole an ideal spot to catch some early morning rays. Rooks are similar to crows but have a larger bill that has bare white skin at the base.

Some unfinished pots by Marcus O'Mahony, who we visited earlier in the week. O'Mahony lives at the base of the Knockmealdown Mountains and fires many of his pots in a three-chamber wood-fired kiln he built himself.

Moss blankets the limbs of trees at the base of
the Knockmealdown Mountains.

Eddie Lenihan, author and storyteller,
shares stories of Irish fairies, hungry grass, pisogs
and other t'ings
at Powers Pub

Neatly pruned apple trees at The Apple Farm in Cahir

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