Sunday, October 10, 2010

Everyone procrastinates

Tree mugs for our next firing in the Manabigama

It's been a couple of weeks or more since I wrote anything in my blog. I was going to share a video last week that my wife Mary made by accident (she thought she was pressing the flash button) of the Oct. 1st opening reception of "Clay and Blogs" in Southern Pines, but some kind of error prevented transferring the film clip to Blogger, so I gave up.

The Clay and Blogs show continues through October and includes work from 50 potters from across the globe, as far away as New Zealand.
I'm not going to try to film clip again, so you'll just have to do with a small picture at right.

Currently, Levi and I are planning to fire the wood kiln this coming Thursday. He's been making some wonderful traditionally shaped jugs. I'll share a picture when we get handles on them. We both made some multi-sectional pieces.

I've added some free poplar wood to the fuel source this time. I'm kind of low on pine. Everybody around here seems to like to fire with pine, at least toward the end of the firing. We've fired the kiln six times since I first bought wood, and we have at least another firing before we start running low. So, I should actually be ordering some more pine slabs and hardwood cord wood now before I start running out.

But tomorrow's another day, and I have a tendency to put things off....(click on the title of this blog if you do, too.)

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