Friday, May 7, 2010

Evolution of a Foot-Soaking Bowl

I thought I'd share the latest in the evolution of foot-soaking bowls at From the Ground Up. I'm now throwing the 18-inch wide, 8-inch high bowls in two pieces and joining them at the leather-hard stage. One concern I've had is making a strong joint, this connection being at the widest point of the bowl. I've placed coils on either side of the seam, but the outer coil causing the piece to bulge a bit there, so I decided to create a space for the coil to fit on the outside. It worked well, and I think I'll continue to use this method for the rest of the pieces, but that all depends on what happens during the firings.

Here's the finished top of the bowl,
actually upside down. Bottom will
be added later.

I used a sharp knife to cut a small groove
in the edge of the bowl.

Bottom of bowl (a large platter) added.

A close up of the join after adding the
bottom of the bowl.

After adding the coil, I smooth it into the
groove with a small roller.

Foot soaking bowl with wads to support
flipping over so I can add a coil inside.

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