Thursday, March 4, 2010

Feet, Shoulders and bottles

I managed to add feet on two of my large tree platters, throw the base and lid for seven casseroles and pull a few handles today before my shoulder started feeling tired, so I stopped working. Three weeks off in Ireland, and I'm hoping my ailments had enough time to heal some, so I'm trying to be aware of when certain body parts are saying, "I've had enough."

Yoga in the morning is helping.

My son Levi has pleasantly surprised me with his abilities on the potters wheel. I threw a bottle shape the other day and he sat down and threw one that was just as good if not better. I helped him out with handling some of his mugs today, not his strong point.

"I hate handles," he told me.

He was faceting some shapes the other day with a wire, and I remembered I had some old guitar strings in my shop, so I pulled the coiled outside wire off a bass string and handed it to him. He had some fun with that.

Levi's faceting

Bottles formed with different clay combinations

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