Friday, February 12, 2010

Dromkeen Ambush

Mary and I drove to Nicker Hill the other day to find a spot to take a picture of her parents' farm. By the time we got up on the hill, it was clear that the farm was too far away to see. But we stopped to take a few pictures, one was this old church at Dromkeen. It was the site of an ambush in 1921, where "the combined columns of the East and Mid Limerick, under the command of Donnchadh Hannigan and Dick O'Connell ambushed a convoy of Black and Tans and R.I.C. (Royal Irish Constabulary). The Irish volunteers killed eleven without losing any of their own.

This was a headstone nearby silhouetted by a doorway. There's a certain fierceness about the shape of the headstone with the grey sky showing through the holes. I appreciated the rockwork of the doorway, reminding me of building the arch of my new wood kiln.

We almost made it to a potter the other day, but ran out of time. I did find three woodfire potters in Ireland and hope to visit one before we leave.

Can you believe I have not had a chance to drink a Guiness yet. The only beer I had was at Mary's brother's. It was a Budweiser, the King of Beers.

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