Thursday, January 14, 2010

A little afternoon warmth today

The afternoon sun helped warm up the shop today as Levi moved quicker with the larger cups for the Uwharrie Mountain Run awards, having reached the target number of 195 three-quarter-pound cups for the 20-mile runners. He found it a bit easier to throw one-and-a-quarter-pound cups. While Levi made cups, I focused on making medallions for the 8-mile racers and tree plates for the first, second and third-place winners of each race, male and female.

My left wrist has been bothering me a bit, so I appreciate having my son here to help me with the throwing. Each cup is being stamped with a runner and three trees. I think I stressed out my wrist last week when stamping some cups, so Levi agreed to do the throwing.

On another note, we decided to put a tree platter at the northbound visitor's center on U.S. 220-Int. 73/74 and a poster at the southbound visitor's center. Diane Villa, wife of photographer Juan Villa, designed the poster. Juan owns a studio in Asheboro (Villa Photography), and has taken some beautiful pictures for potters in the area for a number of years. He also teaches digital photography.

Here's the poster:

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