Saturday, December 19, 2009


Levi took this shot with his Droid.

Blizzturbogo: The state of confusion when driving through a blizzard created by two tractor-trailers in front of you on I-85 blowing snow in all directions, reminiscent of the feeling you get when walking along the shoreline of a beach with the water retreating back into the ocean.

Levi, my youngest son, drove most of the way home, from Swarthmore, PA, to Asheboro, NC, reaching speeds as low as 5 mph for long stretches as we slid past stuck cars, whirling blue lights, jack-knifed big rigs and an ocassional stranded motorist right in the middle of the highway. Like water seeking the path of least resistance, three lanes of cars traversed treachorous gulleys of slush creating three pairs of parallel lines, only sometimes two lines seemed to become one line and you had to keep your wits about you until the three lanes became apparent again. And then - a motorist wizzing past tossing slush against your vehicle, one of those motorists who thinks everyone else doesn't know how to drive in snow, but ends up endangering everyone else's life so they can bully their way ahead.

We made it home, and I was proud of my son's capacity to keep his cool and maintain our bearings. I don't recommend driving in these conditions.

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