Tavern Mugs

Tavern Mugs drying
I got a request the other day to make 12 "tavern mugs" for a fundraiser. They want them to hold 16 ounces - a pint. So, I made some of my big steins, the kind that I pull the handle from the bottom. I'm not sure what led me to try pulling handles from the bottom of mugs or steins, but I've been doing it for several years now on certain ones.

I like making big steins. I think I'll call them tavern mugs now. I like that. Conjures up images of crusty men with beards and mustaches sitting at round wooden tables in a dimly lit tavern.

So, I figure a tavern mug should have a wide bottom to prevent knocking it over, and it should have a substantial handle that you can grip with your entire hand. Here's some pictures of me making my "tavern mugs."

Attaching stub of clay to bottom
Supporting wall with sponge-on-a-stick
Pulling handle
Attaching to top of mug

Shaping the handle
Finishing join (mug is held firmly onto work surface)

Finished handle

two finished tavern mugs

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