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I'm Not Responsible

Responsibilities. I shy away from them. I find them debilitating. The thought, and accompanying feeling of panic, is enough to put me in a tail spin, like a rotating cursor on a laptop. Give me a task that I can accomplish by myself and I'm a happy camper. Give me a project that I must organize with others and I'm often a basket case. So this morning, when a trio of carpenters we hired showed up to re-side our old barn we live in, I was glad that I needed to glaze some pots. The north side of our barn has seen some wear and tear, so my new friends are going to fix some rotten parts and cover it all up with new cement board that Mary and I spent three days painting (another great task that kept me from thinking of other projects). Focus was intense as our carpenters worked around electrical panels We're also hoping our roofing guy is going to show up soon to replace our tin roof. I've put off calling him, but I'm going to have to give him a call just as soon as I fin

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