Making Colanders

Colanders in the making - that's my old and trusty Makita cordless drill on bottom right.

I recently had an order for a colander, so I made eight of them. Thought I'd share the process. I make a bowl, leaving clay in the bottom for a nice foot, and add some small handles up at the top so you can grab the colander without burning your fingers if you're pouring hot pasta into it.

When the pots become quite stiff, that's when I trim and drill holes. If I drill when the clay is too wet, it's a mess to clean afterwards. When it's at the right consistency, the drill cuts cleanly. I do clean each hole quickly with a scrubby when dry just to make sure there's no sharp edges.

Twenty years ago, my then sister-in-law (Martha) gave me a Makita cordless drill for Christmas. I had asked for one for the purpose of drilling holes in colanders. This drill has been one of my best tools. It still works - same battery, same battery charger.

After drilling holes, I use the drill bit to create a channel in the foot to allow liquid to flow from under the colander when set on a plate.

Here's a video:


That goes a lot quicker than the manual hole cutter tool, thanks for sharing!
gz said…
I enjoy making colanders, big or small, and they sell well too.

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