Fifty Pear Jars Completed, now what's next?

Sorry for the lapse of coverage on the goings on at From the Ground Up. I decided recently to purchase a new Macbook Pro (13"), and as always happens with new technology, I've spent a lot of time making the transition.

It's busy around here. I've got 50 little pear jars to clean up today. I'm firing a bisque load of pots, including a few plates that will finish up a special order for awards for the Ellerbe Springs Marathon. Levi threw the bowls for the order before he left for a two-month visit to Peru Tuesday. I'll finish glazing bowls for the marathon today. I've got two sinks to create for a hotel in Switzerland. I'm attending the North Carolina Potters' Conference this weekend in Asheboro. And there's a publicity meeting tonight for the Seagrove Area Potters Association. Oh, yeah, I've got to go get a load of wood from a pallet recycler sometime soon.

Here's a few pictures, followed by a couple of movies of me making one of the jars:
These are some of the jars I've been making - thrown in one
piece. The tops are cut off later.

Here they are with the tops cut off.

And here's one that's finished.

Cooling in the kiln.

A stack of saucers for the jars. For some reason,
I felt very satisfied holding this stack of tiny
plates for the jars after spending several days
getting ready them ready to fire in the kiln.

A couple of tree pots, using my latest stamp. This stamp
actually makes a negative impression on the pot, somewhat
like a fossil. I like the effect. The clay was washed with a
red iron stain before firing to cone 6. Clay: Okeeweemee 6
from STARworks Ceramics.

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