We're Working

I hope I haven't lost too many readers since the last time I posted. I apologize for the lapse. We're staying busy here at the studio, getting ready to start making awards for the 2012 Uwharrie Mountain Run. I've made several hundred awards for runners of this local race across the Uwharrie Mountain Trail for the past 20 years. We're waiting on the okay from the event's organizers to go ahead with this year's design. I do something different every year.

Some ideas for 2012 Uwharrie Mountain Run

Levi's been busy on a special order for one of his tall vases, so he's making several. We'll be firing them in the wood kiln, as they're too tall for a electric kiln. Levi's been making these tall vases by sections, joining them after stiffening the clay on the bottom piece before adding the top piece.

Levi adds last section to his tallest piece - about 42 inches tall.

Finished piece

My daughter, Chelsea, is home for a couple of months, and she'll be helping out with the awards. Meanwhile, she's been making a few bowls for me, as well as some sculpted birds for the electric kiln and the wood kiln. She also made the little jars in the first picture for prototypes for the award pieces.

Chelsea smooths down the outside of one of her birds.

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